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While each of our individual treatments are effective alone, the most dramatic and desirable results can often be obtained with a combination of treatments. At Limelight, we offer a broad range of treatments and technologies that will be part of a comprehensive treatment plan that can provide you with the best results at a competitive price.

Our Philosophy

A Positive Experience from Start to Finish

We believe that undergoing restorative beauty treatments should be a positive experience from start to finish. Therefore, we utilize techniques during most of our treatments to minimize any potential discomfort. One such technique is the use of the Zimmer Chiller which is a high-powered cooling device that allows us to use the most effective energy for each treatment while protecting the skin and decreasing any potential pain. We also use topical creams and other modalities to make your experience more relaxing and enjoyable.

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Free Consultation

Complementary Consultation with VISIA Facial Analysis

We offer a free physician consultation for all new patients. During this consultation, we will complete a computerized facial analysis using the VISIA, a state of the art facial skin analyzer that provides a quantitative assessment of your skin’s condition and features. VISIA measures wrinkles, evenness, UV spots and photo-damage and analyzes this information in relation to your chronological age. Using this information, Dr. Welden can better discuss your treatment goals and provide recommendations that will help you achieve the best results in the quickest amount of time for the least amount of money.

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