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It’s common for both men and women to have more trouble with sexual satisfaction due to age-related changes. FemiWave® and GAINSWave® are two revolutionary procedures based on numerous clinical studies proven to increase genital blood flow and restore healthy tissue, addressing the root causes of the symptoms. Both treatments are quick, comfortable, non-surgical procedures that can be done near you right here at Limelight.

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As women age, various changes in the body can cause the vagina to lose its youthfulness and elasticity, from childbirth to menopause. Because of this, unfamiliar dryness and lack of muscle tone can lead to unsatisfying or painful sexual intercourse. At times, you may even experience a loss of bladder control. However, FemiWave® can hep you gain back the sex life you once enjoyed.

FemiWave® is the world’s first female sexual wellness treatment created by women for women, a noninvasive procedure that uses low-intensity pulse waves to repair blood vessels which improves blood flow to the vagina. The treatment is performed on the outer and inner labia and is done in-office, with no downtime, drugs or surgery, and results are long-lasting. Here at Limelight, the procedure will be done by our female aesthetician, Adrienne. You will typically need 6-12 sessions for best results.

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FemiWave® is clinically proven to improve vaginal blood flow by repairing and restoring blood vessels with low-intensity pulse waves

How FemiWave® Works

The FemiWave® treatment is quick and easy, and has no downtime or side effects. You’ll be numbed before the procedure so that it will be comfortable, and there is no downtime – you can even have sex the same night!

  1. Low-intensity sound waves are delivered to the surface of the inner and outer labia
  2. The soundwaves travel through the existing blood vessels to break up plaque, optimizing blood flow
  3. Microtrauma occurs as the waves pass through the tissue – triggering the growth of new, healthy blood vessels.
  4. New blood vessels are formed, sensation is repaired and lubrication is improved.
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The Benefits of FemiWave®

FemiWave® at Limelight can correct a variety of issues that inhibit sexual satisfaction, but the most common benefits are:

  • Improves vaginal dryness by increasing natural lubrication production
  • Intensifies orgasms
  • Increases sensitivity and arousal
  • Increases tightness of the vaginal skin to improve appearance
  • Increases tightness of the vaginal muscles to help with both sensation and urinary incontinence
  • The treatment is drug-free, non-surgical, non-invasive, simple, fast, and has long-lasting results
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As men get older, the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis begin to collapse or break down, impeding the good blood flow that is essential to erectile function. Conventional ED treatments such as Viagara are short-solutions with short-term results. With over 80% of ED cases caused by poor blood flow, the breakthrough GAINSWave® procedure treats the root cause with low-intensity pulse waves to improve blood flow to the penis and to boost sexual performance. The male equivalent of FemiWave® and preceding it by a few years, GAINSWave® has a large and well-established following with over 100k procedures performed, and a sizable body of research backing its results. It’s a safe and effective treatment that is drug-free, surgery-free, totally non-invasive, performed in-office, and provides long-lasting results.

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GAINSWave® is clinically proven to increase vascularization, improving blood flow by opening existing blood vessels and stimulating the growth of new blood vessels in the penis.

How GAINSWave® Works

The technology behind GAINSWave® is similar to FemiWave®.  During the treatment, low-intensity sound waves (also referred to as acoustic wave therapy) are used to break up plaque formation in blood vessels and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels in the penis. This process, called neurogenesis, enhances sensitivity in the penis. The procedure is effective for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and even other medical conditions such as Peyronie’s Disease. The Journal of Urology noted regarding GAINSWave® in 2016 that “Treatment is effective even in patients with severe erectile dysfunction,” and “Multinational clinical trials determined it is a safe, effective, and well-tolerated treatment for ED, which includes men who do not respond to type-5 (PDE-5) inhibitor (Viagara).”

Your penis will be numbed with a cream before the procedure so that you will feel comfortable, and takes about 15-20 minutes. You’ll need 6-12 sessions for best results. The procedure is performed by Dr. Welden. You can resume daily activities immediately.

Limelight Medical Spa in Cincinnati offers a variety of wellness services including Gainswave, an effective treatment that stands above others in providing remarkable results.

The Benefits of GAINSWave®

The benefits of the GAINSWave® treatment at Limelight include:

  • Enhanced erections – stronger, harder, and more sustainable
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Increased sensation
  • Treatment of ED & Peyronie’s Disease
  • No taking pills or other short-term solutions like Viagara
  • The treatment is drug-free, non-surgical, non-invasive, simple, fast, and has long-lasting results

Biosculpt FemSculpt MMS/EMS Treatments

What are Femsculpt Pelvic Floor MMS/EMS treatments?
BioSculpt FemSculpt is a non-invasive treatment for incontinence caused by weakened pelvic floor muscles. The FemSculpt Pelvic Floor chair emits high intensity focused electromagnetic wave to create supramaximal contractions within the pelvic floor muscles over a 25 minute session. 25 minutes on the Femsculpt is equivalent to doing about 10,000 Kegels!

How is the treatment performed?
This is a completely non-invasive procedure where you sit on the chair with your clothes on while the chair emits HIFEM wave to create the pelvic floor contractions. We recommend you do treatments twice a week for four weeks for optimal results

What are the benefits of FemSculpt treatments?

  • Relief from urinary incontinence. It reduces the chances of urinating from sneezing, coughing, laughing, or exercising. It also reduces your trips to the bathroom
  • Improved orgasms in both men and women who undergo treatments
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TempSure Vitalia

What are Cynosure TempSure Vitalia treatments?
Tempsure Vitalia is a revolutionary treatment for womens sexual health and vaginal rejuvenation. Vitalia uses radiofrequency energy to tighten the labia and vagina.  A single use probe, similar to an intravaginal ultrasound probe, is used to deliver this radiofrequency energy to the labial and vaginal tissues causing an increase in new blood vessel growth and a tightening of the connective tissue (collagen and elastin) in these areas.  The treatments are completely painless and do not require any downtime. We recommend a series of 4 weekly sessions.

What are the benefits of TempSure Vitalia?
Vitalia is an FDA-approved treatment for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation. Vitalia is designed to improve the symptoms of vaginal atrophy in women. The Vitalia can tighten and restore loose vaginal tissue and can also improve nerve sensitivity and improve incontinence

Call today to schedule your sexual wellness/pelvic floor therapy consultation with Dr. Welden and take advantage of our special Sexual Wellness/Pelvic floor packages that combine several different modalities to achieve maximal results at a reasonable cost.

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Love Your Love Life Again

With FemiWave® or GAINSWave®, there’s no reason you can’t have the sex life back you once enjoyed. Both are a quick, comfortable, non-invasive procedures with no downtime, right here at Limelight Medical Spa in Cincinnati. It’s never been easier to make the change you need!

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Sexual Wellness FAQ

How do I know if I am a good candidate for FemiWave®?
If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, FemiWave® can help you. The procedure is most often performed on women in their 40s to 60s since these issues are most common in those age groups, but you don’t have to be a certain age – if you’re struggling with the symptoms below, you’d likely be a great candidate.

  • Is sex uncomfortable or painful at times?
  • Do you suffer from vaginal dryness or rely on lubrication?
  • Have you noticed a loss of sensitivity and overall not enjoy sex as much as you used to?
  • Is it difficult or impossible for you to obtain an orgasm?
  • Do you sometimes experience urinary incontinence?
  • Has your sex life been negatively impacted by aging, menopause, childbirth, or medications?

How long do the procedures take?
Both GAINSWave® and FemiWave® take about 15-20 minutes per session. You will need about 6-12 sessions for best results.

Can my FemiWave treatment be performed by a woman?
Yes, our female aesthetician Adrienne can perform the treatment on female patients. Likewise, Dr. Welden performs GAINSWave® on male patients.

How long do results last?
For many individuals, results can last as long as 2 to 3 years for both GAINSWave® and FemiWave®. Because the treatments are all-natural, it is safe to get periodic maintenance treatments to ensure long-lasting results.

How is GAINSWave® better than Viagara for ED?
Men may find short-term satisfaction popping a little blue pill for enhanced erections, but this is not a long-term solution, and these drugs can become harmful when used recreationally. Men risk becoming psychologically addicted and unable to perform without them. In fact, men who rely on ED drugs for sexual enhancement without an actual medical condition, may become less confident in their ability to achieve a regular erection with their partner. GAINSWave® is a more long-term natural solution to increase blood flow and erection quality.

I’ve heard that FemiWave®/GAINSWave® is actually “shockwave therapy.” Is that true? Are these treatments safe?
If you’re picturing a person in a research lab with a helmet on getting their brain zapped, it is definitely not the same! But because both FemiWave ®and GAINSWave® use low-intensity sound waves (or acoustic wave therapy) and are non-invasive, it is sometimes referred to as Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (LI-ESWT). The FDA has approved LI-ESWT as a form of treatment for some medical ailments, including the sex functioning-related conditions in men and women that FemiWave® and GAINSWave® treat. These FDA-approved treatments are perfectly safe and comfortable with no known side effects, and GAINSWave® alone has been performed on over 100,000 men since the mid 2010s. GAINSWave® provides a wealth of clinical research on the effectiveness of shockwave therapy both in general and specifically for ED available here. The FemiWave® treatment has been introduced much more recently so treatment numbers are not yet available, but similarly has a lot of clinical research backing its effectiveness available here.