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As time passes, many people who got tattoos earlier in life grow to regret that decision.  We can help.  One of the major aspects that differentiates our tattoo removal services from others is that at Limelight, a physician performs your treatment.  Laser tattoo removal is complicated and if performed by inexperienced personnel, it can be ineffective at best, or potentially result in hypopigmentation or scarring at worst.  Effectively performing this treatment means using the right technology in the right hands.  At Limelight, we can provide both.

Candela TriVantage Laser

We use the Candela TriVantage® alexandrite laser device which treats multicolor tattoos as well as benign pigmented lesions.  It combines powerful performance with a gentle touch. By extending its pulse width, the Alex TriVantage alexandrite device optimizes the delivery of laser energy to the target chromophore, while minimizing disruption of the skin. TriVantage’s alexandrite is renowned for its ability to treat greens, blues, and black, and new laser-pumped-laser technology can deliver that same performance across a wide range of tattoo colors.

two side-by-side images of a tattoo before and after laser tattoo removal treatment

Before and after multiple treatments.

Tattoo Removal FAQ

Does laser tattoo removal work for all tattoos?
Yes, we now have the technology to effectively remove all types of inks using different laser wavelengths.

How does laser tattoo removal work?
Each pulse of the laser sends light energy into your skin. We use different wavelengths of laser light to treat different colors of ink in your tattoo. As the light energy is directed into your skin, it is selectively absorbed by the tattoo ink particles trapped in the dermis of your skin. When the ink particles absorb this energy, they instantly shatter into tiny fragments. Once the laser has broken the ink into smaller pieces, your body’s immune system works to remove the ink over the following weeks, flushing it away from the tattooed area. We see the result of this as the tattoo lightening in appearance. Each additional laser treatment breaks down more and more ink until the tattoo can no longer be seen.

How many treatments will I need?
Typically, it takes 6-10 treatments to substantially remove a tattoo.

How much does laser tattoo removal cost?
Limelight Medical Spa has the most competitive pricing in the Cincinnati area. We charge by the size of the tattoo with smaller tattoos costing between $75-$150/treatment, medium tattoos cost between $150-$225/treatment, and larger tattoos costing $225-$600/treatment. We will measure the size of the tattoo during your initial complementary consultation and give you an estimate of the total cost of treatment.